Teach you to quickly identify the quality of quick-drying adhesive

1. First understand the viscosity of quick-drying adhesive. Before using the adhesive, it is a necessary step to understand the viscosity; In addition to viscosity, we should also understand the adhesion of the quick-drying adhesive. The better the adhesion, the better the effect of the quick-drying adhesive after curing. Otherwise, the effect is only good after just bonding for a period of time. After a period of time, it will fall off and crack, causing great trouble.
2. Secondly, it is necessary to know the performance of the quick-drying adhesive, the use environment of the quick-drying adhesive, the situation before and after curing, or directly apply for samples to come back and observe for a period of time. To ensure that the quick-drying adhesive can achieve its own use effect and then purchase and use it in batches, do not feel that the process is lengthy and troublesome, otherwise the later products will be more troublesome.
3. We should pay more attention to the whitening, cracking and degumming of the quick-drying adhesive when we use it. It is very important to eliminate our own operation problems.