Insulation Adhesive

Nesting insulation material adhesive(hereinafter referred to as"adhesive")is Juhuan's patented technology for combining dual-use foam with barrels.It is the country's first polyurethane adhesive for bonding insulation boards,which is comparable to traditional cement mortar.In contrast,the thermal insulation material adhesive has unparalleled superiority.
1.Lower cost
Using cement mortar for insulation board bonding,in addition to spending a lot of manpower and time,also need to prepare buckets,knives,power cords,mixers,water pipes and other tools,water and electricity consumption is also essential.
Compared to cement mortar,which cost a lot,nesting glue only needs a glue gun to complete the entire construction process.In addition,4kg of cement mortar is required for bonding 1m2 insulation board,and only 0.06kg is needed for nesting glue.For the same construction area,the cost of using nesting glue is 22%less than cement mortar,which greatly reduces the cost of decoration.
2.Higher efficiency
First of all,the traditional mortar needs to be adjusted to the ideal state with water before use,and the preparation time of the mortar takes several hours.The nesting glue can be used only by shaking for 30 seconds;
Second,after using traditional mortar for bonding,it takes 2-4 days to cure,and the nesting glue has been completely cured after 2 hours;
Finally,using traditional mortar construction,the installation of each insulation board takes 1 minute,and the nesting glue only takes 15 seconds,that is,in the same time,the nesting glue construction completes the bonding of 25 insulation boards and the mortar is only 5,Effectively improve the overall construction progress.
3.Stronger adhesion
The bonding strength of nesting glue can reach 0.3~0.5Mp,which is 3~5 times of cement mortar.


4.The insulation effect is more significant
It has been proved by many experiments that the thermal insulation effect of the adhesive is 30~35 times that of the mortar.
5.Lower building load
The load of the mortar on the building foundation is 2500kg/m³,and the adhesive is 33.78/m³,which is only(1~2)%of the mortar.
6.Better earthquake resistance
During the earthquake,the mortar wall will fall off as a whole,and the adhesive is a tough bond,and most will remain intact.
In addition,the nesting insulation material adhesive glue also has the advantages of no dust,no dust and other cement mortar,which is more clean and environmentally friendly.
Actively developing green and environmentally friendly new materials not only represents Ju Huan's positive response to national policies,but also represents Ju Huan's strong sense of responsibility to the society.He is committed to providing"full adhesive solutions for the construction industry"and is determined to become a construction worker.The best bonding partner in the industry,symbiosis with the industry,let everyone live together.