Leader's Speech

Dear partners:
  I’d like to, on behalf of all the staff, sincerely welcome you to join the family of Juhuan. We feel honored for your join!
  For the recent thirty years, Juhuan has undergone ups and times, but it is always committed to the innovation and development of adhesives, always takes talent as its biggest wealth and adheres to “people-oriented” as the core of its corporate culture. We are willing, and capable of providing a broad stage for men of insight to display their talents. We pay attention to the future of each employee. We believe the success of employees shall mean the success of the company and we advocate sharing weal and woe, advance and retreat between the company and staff.
  In a company tenet of “Customer First, Customer Supreme”, we provide customers with “professional products and professional service”, which is also our values. Juhuan is a harmonious home, which lies in its “thanksgiving family tradition” for years. Ever since the establishment, thanksgiving is one of the cultures of Juhuan and Juhuan focuses on thanksgiving and return, such feeling becomes a lubricant reconciling interpersonal relationships in the enterprise and under the influence of such feeling, we are grateful to the society, the customers, partners at all circles and all friends that concern and support Juhuan!
  Looking ahead, Juhuan will continue to recruit talents and plan the future of its employees. We respect every employee; we are proud of Juhuan and Juhuan people; we become stronger because of you and you will be more confident because of Juhuan. We encourage and promote every employee to pull himself with high expectations to himself, require himself with high standards, inspire himself with challenge, and struggle and grow up together with the company. We cultivate first-class employees who are self-confident, self-respecting, self-improving, honest, practical, down-to-earth, trustable, credible, capable of thinking, having ideas and making progress constantly. We advocate paying equal attention to cause and family, we respect employees, and we hope through constant efforts of ourselves to make contribution to our common beautiful life, build famous brands and create a time-honored Juhuan!
  In the face of opportunities and challenges, Juhuan, under the efforts of all Juhuan people, will become stronger and meet greater challenges. In addition, Juhuan will always pay attention to the development status of the global adhesives and produce more professional and more stable Juhuan products to meet the demands of consumers to the hilt. Partners, do believe that Juhuan will become the industry’s most excellent adhesive company.
  Thank all friends concerning and supporting Juhuan. Welcome to join Juhuan. We are willing to light up your life with our efforts!

Chairman:Xing Zefeng