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Nesting fireproof foam
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Nesting fireproof foam

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  Nesting fireproof styrofoam is a new product jointly developed by the company and the Beijing University of Chemical Technology in order to meet the requirements of the fire protection bureau of the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. After being tested by the National Building Material Testing Center, its oxygen index reaches 30% the above.
  Styrofoam construction process:
  1.Clean the special glue gun with special styrofoam cleaning agent to ensure the smooth flow of the glue gun;
  2.Take a bottle of styrofoam,hold the middle of the tank tightly with your hands,shake vigorously a few times to ensure that the prepolymer in the tank is fully mixed;
  3.Remove the protective cover of the valve on the foam rubber thread ring,remove the cleaning agent on the foam gun,and install the foam rubber tank body along the thread to the interface of the foam gun;
  4.Make sure that the material tank is placed above,the foam gun is below the material tank,open the flow control valve at the rear of the foam gun,and hit a small amount of foam rubber until the foam appears to be normal shape;
  5.Align the tip of the gun with the bottom or inside of the part to be filled,and gently pull the trigger to start construction.
  6.After a can is sprayed,if it still needs to be filled,the empty can can be removed immediately,refilled with styrofoam,and the construction can be continued.
  7.After the construction is completed,remove the material tank in time and replace it with a special cleaning agent to clean the foaming gun,so as to avoid the solidification of the remaining materials and damage the foaming gun.
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