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Mirrors for plastic mold sealant
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Mirrors for plastic mold sealant

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  Product Features:
  Dedicated neutral weathering plastic transparent mirror is designed as a mirror,paint spraying and coating glass,handicrafts,metal,glass,steel,wood plates,which are designed to spray coating material,it is a one-component,room temperature curing,fast-drying,alcohol,low modulus silicone sealant.This product is easy to use,ready to use out at room temperature,rapid reaction with moisture in the air,fast curing,form a tough elastic colloid after curing.As one special ingredient that the FDA has a spray adhesive coating one side,it will not cause corrosion and affect its adhesive properties and appearance of the product.The product of a variety of substrates such as glass,coated glass,aluminum,ceramics,tiles,steel,wood,plastic has excellent adhesion properties,airtight,watertight,anti-vibration,anti-UV,anti-aging and resistance high and low temperature(-50℃-200℃)and other functions.
  Product Usage:
  Applicable to the construction industry in the mirror block,there are spray coating(film)and bonding of various glass laminate material;
  Handicraft industry mirrored glass,paint spraying and coating of glass,crystal,jewelry,metal bonding;
  Mirror mirror industry in various types of adhesive seal;
  Lighting equipment,lighting lamps adhesive coating glass seal;
  Paint sprayed adhesive sheet,metal,glass and steel sealing;
  Display stands bonding glass surface of the glass display cabinet,convention centers,libraries,museums and other sealing;
  A variety of other buildings and industrial purposes.
  1.The adhesive surface must be clean and free of any pollution
  2.Remove from the refrigeration environment when the product is only used after the glue agent to reach room temperature
  3.Keep away from children,it is recommended for use in well-ventilated place
  Wear gloves when 4.Once the glue splashed on the skin should be peeled and soaked in glue stick on the skin in warm soapy water,remember not to peel with a knife.
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