What is the construction process of polyurethane sealant

In recent years, the polyurethane industry has developed rapidly and has become a fast-growing industry in the chemical industry. The production technology of polyurethane has become more and more mature, the products are more and more popular, and the application fields are expanding to meet the needs of the times. Polyurethane sealant is widely used in construction, bridge engineering and other environments. Then about the main construction methods of polyurethane sealant, many construction workers still do not know what to do:
1. Cutting the construction joint: use the cutting machine to cut the construction joint according to the design scheme, and use the blower, brush, scraper and other tools to remove the dust and debris in the joint to make it fully dry;
2. Laying buffer material: lay polyethylene foam strip slightly larger than the construction joint in the construction joint, and the depth depends on the construction situation;
3. Construction: put the polyurethane sealant into the joint filling equipment, insert the water outlet hose into the bottom of the construction joint, and then inject the joint sealant into the construction joint;
4. There are gaps left: because the construction joints will expand with the change of temperature, the surface of polyurethane sealant should be lower than the pavement after construction, 2-3mm in summer, 1-2mm in summer;
5. The curing time of polyurethane sealant losing adhesion is about 6 hours in summer and 12 hours in winter.
6. When storing polyurethane sealant, please also note that it should be sealed and stored in a dry place at low temperature. It is recommended to store in the environment with temperature of 5~25 ℃ and humidity ≤ 50% RH. It is forbidden to store at a temperature or humidity higher than 30 ℃. In an environment greater than 80% RH.