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Polyurethane foam cleaning agent
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Polyurethane foam cleaning agent

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  Product description:
  Juhuan polyurethane foam caulking agent special cleaning agent,mainly used to clean any spray gun used with polyurethane foam caulking agent,the inner cavity of the hose and other uncured excess foam outside.This product can not be used to clean the cured foam,the cured foam can only be removed by mechanical methods.
  Product Usage:
  1.Thoroughly remove the polyurethane foam that adheres to the inside and outside of the spray gun;
  2.Can remove the polyurethane wet foam sticking to the outside of the tank,valves,skin,clothes,etc.;
  3.Good cleaning power,strong dissolving power.
  Construction method:
  1.After using polyurethane foam caulking agent,remove the spray gun and immediately tighten the cleaning agent on the spray gun;
  2.Open the flow control valve at the rear of the gun and pull the trigger to make the inside of the gun fully clean;
  3.After cleaning the spray gun,close the flow regulating valve and remove the spray gun;
  4.Install the equipped spray head,which can clean the polyurethane wet foam on the outside of the spray gun and the material tank valve.
  Safety recommendations:
  Please put this product out of the reach of children to avoid direct sunlight or exposure to high temperature environment exceeding 50℃,after use,do not pierce or burn empty cans.Do not spray this product to open flame or any flammable high temperature object Keep away from fire and smoking is prohibited during operation.
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Mainly produces polyurethane foam caulking agent, marble glue, AB stone dry hanging glue, plant glue, non-butyl rubber, cleaning agent, waterproof coating, etc

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