Development History


Our construction adhesive was launched comprehensively and the sales of 903 series of tile adhesive topped the national market by 1996.


Our all-purpose adhesive, white latex, floor adhesive and water-based construction adhesive were officially launched. The 108 construction adhesive commonly seen on the market was developed and named by us, which replaced the non-eco-friendly 107 adhesive. We are the first all-purpose adhesive manufacturer in Beijing.


The production base of Beijing Juhuan Chemical Co., Ltd. was built and put into production and the company became the largest adhesive manufacturer in North China region.


Juhuan passed the quality certification of China Environmental Mark, became China’s first enterprise that passed such certification and made contribution to the environmental protection cause. Member unit of China Adhesives and Tape Industry Association


Juhuan chemical products were selected in the green procurement list of the government of China


The polyurethane foam joint mixture project was officially built and put into production.


We invented low-end circulation white foam polyurethane foam joint mixture and developed the white material feeding system and air supply system independently in production process.


The company fully adopted the MDI of Yantai Wanhua Company, boosting the development of domestic enterprises and guaranteeing the product quality.

Our tin-making workshop, injection molding workshop, carton workshop and other supporting facilities were all completed and put into production.


We started a large annual meeting, returned to customers comprehensively and opened a vehicle-sending activity, which made Juhuan become a well-known business in the industry at a stroke and the sales rushed to top three in Chinese market.

We also invented a gun and pipe dual-use styrofoam, which has been nationally patented.


Shandong Juhuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. project was started comprehensively


Shandong Juhuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was put into production officially and the automatic material feeding system began to be used. Juhuan now has become one of China’s largest adhesive manufacturers.


Shandong Juhuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. fully completed two production bases, metal packaging printing projects, silicone sealant project started.