How to calculate a good set of doors and windows

The coolness of October hit my heart. We said goodbye to the heat of midsummer and ushered in the coolness of autumn. However, autumn is also a windy, dusty and foggy season, always challenging our physical limits. When we sit indoors, we found that it is very important to have a good set of doors and windows.
How to calculate a good set of doors and windows?
To screen a good set of doors and windows, perhaps it should be like the "Good Voice" competition. The first thing to look at is not your face value. Let's hear or see your strength before we press the button and turn the seat for you. The functions of each system of doors and windows need to be strong to be able to match the word "good".
1. Sealing condition
"The autumn wind sweeps the leaves", you know the strength of the wind. If there is a strong wind outside the window and a small wind inside the window, it is not good. The window sealing system of many houses is not very good. If the window cover is installed, but there is no special window cover treatment system, the situation of dust entering the room is more obvious. The window cover sealing process should be carried out after the window cover is installed and before the wall base treatment, The filling material used should be foam rubber with high expansion coefficient.
2. Moisture resistance:
The word "tide" does not mean that your doors and windows are fashionable, fashionable and fashionable. Some friends fall into the misunderstanding that "installing the window cover is not conducive to moistureproof" because rain and moisture may accumulate in the window cover and slowly overflow, and if the wood is not treated with antisepsis and moistureproof treatment, it will also bring trouble to future life. It is recommended to apply moisture-proof agent around the wall before installing the window cover to ensure that rain and moisture are isolated outside. At the same time, the foam adhesive with expansion coefficient of 60 times is also a condition to ensure the dryness and cleanness of the window cover.
3. Thermal insulation effect
It will be November soon. Will the heating be far away? But do you feel that your temperature just can't go up? In addition to relying on the thermal insulation process of the building itself, it is also affected by the interior decoration and thermal insulation system. Insulated window covers and interior wall insulation systems can extend the duration of indoor warm air in winter. The sealing and moisture-proof effect of window cover are related to the degree of indoor and outdoor air exchange. Therefore, strict window cover sealing, thermal insulation and moisture-proof technology and products should be selected to ensure lasting indoor comfort.
4. Closed standard
In addition to the door panel being flat and solid enough, the hardware fittings of the door are also very important for the sealing and stability of the door. In order to ensure the stability and dust prevention of the door, special hardware fittings need to be installed. The "Z" shaped sealing strip uses the physical principle of air flow and pressure to bite the door closer to the door frame without any sound when the door is under the heavy pressure of wind; At the same time, this technology can also play a dust-proof role. Because the sealing strip fully contacts the door and the door frame without leaving any gap, the outdoor dust cannot penetrate through the door gap and is blocked outside the sealing strip. Neither noise nor dust will disturb the owner's life.