Only this step is needed to save the mildew and blackening of the sealant in the kitchen and bathroom

Sealant is a kind of adhesive that is frequently used in decoration, and it is required to be used in mesa installation, bathroom toilet, basin installation, shower room, bathroom cabinet installation and other places.
However, the decoration of the new house cost hundreds of thousands, and I felt everything was brand new when I just lived in it. I was in a good mood. But after a long time, I found that the sealant used to be applied in the gap between the washstand and the wall in the bathroom had become moldy and black. Now when I arrived in the bathroom, it would affect my mood, and I was afraid that it would breed bacteria and affect my health.
So it is very important to use sealant to prevent mildew. Some sealant with poor quality has no such function at all. Please be sure to recognize it when purchasing.
At present, the quality of sealants on the market is mixed. Therefore, when purchasing, we recommend the use of Juhuan advanced environmental protection anti-mold sealant.
Juhuan advanced environmental protection anti-mold sealant
Product characteristics
1. Single-component, neutral, room temperature curing, non-corrosive to materials, excellent anti-mold performance, and can also maintain beautiful and sanitary for a long time in dark and humid environments such as toilets and kitchens.
2. It has good sealing, effective isolation effect, waterproof and leak-proof.
3. It has the advantages of fine, smooth, fast molding and no soft collapse.
4. Good weather aging resistance and high and low temperature resistance.
Scope of application
All kinds of sanitary ware, sinks, bathtubs, closets, mildew-proof edge sealing of kitchen and bathroom, etc.