Change the tradition - a new material that can replace cement mortar

Recently, customers often come to inquire: dust is flying all over the construction site, causing the residents in the vicinity to suffer, and being complained, the environmental protection department requires to order the suspension of work for rectification. I asked what products or new materials could replace cement mortar, so I searched the relevant content online, and found that there were many people searching for relevant content.
However, through relevant search and understanding of the market, no similar products were found. Therefore, the market contains huge potential and business opportunities.
In response to the market demand, especially the demand for adhesive insulation boards and aerated blocks, and in order to implement the national policy of "promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, developing low-carbon environmental protection and recycling economy", Juhuan Technology and Beijing University of Chemical Technology jointly established the "Beijing University of Chemical Technology - Beijing Juhuan Polyurethane Engineering Technology Center", and successfully developed the "nesting polyurethane adhesive".
Nesting polyurethane adhesive is a new environmental protection building material. The construction method is simple and the bonding strength is high. The construction technology can replace the cement mortar to build the aerated block and stick the external wall insulation board.