After another environmental inspection, can you hold the next five storms?

Many people asked Xiaobian why the price has risen again and why he has not accepted the order. When will this difficult day pass? What is the harvest season of gold and silver? The small editor said that he was helpless. Which company doesn't want to expand its customer and financial resources?
Not to mention that people who want to buy products worry, manufacturers also worry. The "shutdown wind" blows for a while, and the unqualified small manufacturers fall one by one. The manufacturers that can still operate now are all the essence left by the big waves!
As for when the hopeless day will pass, the editor will tell you that from this month on, this day Maybe it will be more sad
Because there will be "five major storms" coming soon.
Storm - safety supervision storm
The Work Safety Committee of the State Council issued a notice to carry out the national work safety inspection, which is scheduled to carry out comprehensive supervision and inspection of the work safety inspection nationwide from the first ten days of September to the end of September.
So, if you can avoid the fourth batch of central environmental protection inspectors, can you still avoid this safety supervision storm?
Storm II Strict investigation of unlicensed and unlicensed enterprises
The State Council informed that from October 1, enterprises without certificates and licenses will be strictly investigated and dealt with! In other words, for enterprises without certificates or licenses, you must complete all the required certificates in September.
Moreover, it is not simply to do environmental assessment, buy environmental protection equipment, and install environmental protection facilities. It also depends on whether the business site of the enterprise is in the industrial planning area or the industrial park in line with the planning, and whether there are standardized industrial and commercial, project approval, land, planning, environmental assessment, fire protection and other procedures. In the next few months, most small and medium-sized enterprises without certificates and licenses will be in bad luck.
Storm 3 Price rise storm
Due to environmental protection, export, maintenance, accidents and other reasons, the prices of all major raw materials, products, additives, etc. have been rising more or less recently. I don't know when they will fall. The "golden nine silver ten" may become the "peak season when there are orders".
In addition, the rise in prices has also directly affected people's livelihood. You should not only face the rise in the prices of raw materials in the company, but also face the rise in prices in life. If your factory is closed for rectification at the same time, you will also face the dilemma of no wages.
So customers who need to buy rubber should not think that the manufacturer always increases the price unreasonably. After all, in this environment of soaring raw materials, the manufacturer just wants to say: I can't do it!
Storm IV RMB appreciation
Since July, the exchange rate of the RMB against the US dollar has been overwhelming, breaking through the three integer levels of 6.8, 6.7 and 6.6 in succession. China's economy is stable and improving, the stable and neutral monetary policy continues to be maintained, and the US dollar weakens, prompting the RMB exchange rate to continue to rise.
The appreciation of the RMB is expected to benefit industries that rely heavily on imported resources, such as air transportation, paper making and chemical industry, so as to reduce import costs. However, the textile and clothing, household light industry, white household appliances, electronic manufacturing and other industries that account for the main share of exports may face the problem of declining competitiveness of export products due to the appreciation of the RMB.
The soaring exchange rate makes textile and chemical fiber owners who are engaged in foreign trade work feel on pins and needles. If they are careless, they may "lose money and earn money"! Some insiders who are engaged in the trade of polyester and chips said: "The exchange rate of our previous orders is 6.85, and now it is 6.58. According to a high cabinet of 30000 USD, the loss is 8100, and the loss is about 340 yuan per ton.". But we still have to do it at a loss, and we need to keep our customers!
Storm 5 chemical price increase?
Recently, Hurricane "Harvey" landed in the United States at the weekend, which is a strong hurricane that has hit Texas for more than 50 years. As a major energy state in the United States, especially Houston, known as "the heart of American energy", once again suffered huge economic losses. Here is the oil refining and petrochemical center of the United States. Almost half of the oil refining capacity of the United States is concentrated in the Gulf of Mexico. The violent Category IV hurricane "Harvey" hit the coast of Texas. The huge flood caused by it destroyed 11.2% of the oil refining capacity of the United States and a quarter of the oil production capacity of the United States Gulf of Mexico, and caused the closure of the coastal ports of Texas.
In addition, more than 1/3 of the chemical production capacity in the United States was forced to shut down, which will inevitably lead to price rise in the later stage, and the shortage of polyethylene, PVC and other chemicals will affect the industrial and construction industries. It is not yet known how the impact on the Chinese market will be, but from the perspective of exchanges, it is bound to have an impact on the Chinese market.
From this point of view, the next days in the chemical industry will not be easy. The price may continue to rise. What is more serious is that the shortage of raw materials may cause manufacturers to fail to deliver. So we should cherish the enterprises that are still producing and shipping normally, such as Juhuan.