[Juhuan class] How to choose waterproof coating?

Recently, a customer asked, "The house at home has a long time. The balcony has not been painted with waterproof paint before, and the downstairs often reflects water seepage when watering and drying clothes. Now I want to buy some waterproof paint and simply brush it. How can I buy waterproof paint?"
As its name implies, waterproof coating is used to prevent water immersion and leakage. At normal temperature, waterproof coating is mostly in a sticky liquid state with no fixed shape. After painting, a tough waterproof film is formed on the base course after the solvent volatilization or moisture evaporation or reaction curing.
Waterproof coatings are very strange to most consumers. When choosing and purchasing, they will be led by the merchant's nose if they are not careful. Three points must be grasped:
Go to the regular building materials store to buy
If you want to buy in a regular store or building materials supermarket, the possibility of counterfeiting will be very low. At the same time, you must do your homework before purchasing, and understand the major brands of waterproof coating, such as Sika, Mabei, Dongfang Yuhong, Juhuan, etc.
Look at the outer packaging of the product, whether the color is bright, whether the handwriting is clear, whether the product name, net weight, place of origin, and whether there are requirements such as certificate, and most famous brands have their own anti-counterfeit labels, which should be paid attention to when purchasing.
Select flexible waterproof coating
Waterproofing of toilets, kitchens, balconies and basements has high requirements for extensibility. The flexible waterproof coating has good flexibility and tensile resistance. It is recommended to use this coating for indoor waterproofing, such as Juhuan flexible waterproof coating.
Pay attention to after-sales service of waterproof coating
When purchasing waterproof coating, be sure to ask the construction precautions of the coating. At the same time, we must go more and compare our products with others. If the same brand is a regular product, the price difference will not be too big.
On the one hand, buying a good waterproof coating is important. It is important to handle the base well. If the waterproof coating is not painted well, it will also encounter the problem of water seepage.
The surface of the base course must be clean, free of dust and any sundries and stains when applying waterproof; Secondly, the waterproof coating is applied from the bottom to the top, first the wall and then the floor.
The first horizontal painting and the second vertical painting can achieve uniform effect by overlapping each other. The interval between the first and second painting is about 4-8 hours.