Company Culture

juhuanEnterprise Vision
Co-building, sharing and bonding

Enterprise Mission
Work for the people, be grateful for the society, be sincere in dedication, be based on integrity, be innovative, and be harmonious and win-win

Brand objectives
Be a century-old enterprise and build a national brand

Quality concept
Sincere, refined and beautiful

Employment concept
Look at products in the short term, projects in the medium term and talents in the long term

Marketing philosophy
Honesty-based, innovation-oriented, harmonious and win-win

Service philosophy
Customer first and customer first

Core Values
Customer first and service first
Honesty and trustworthiness are the most important responsibilities
Devotion is the right way to get money first
Work together to seek common ground while reserving differences
Make common progress and be prepared for danger in times of peace
Learning, innovation and sustainable development