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Marble glue series
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Marble glue series

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  Product description
  Juhuan marble glue is based on unsaturated polyester resin.After many tests,the selected formula system has fully reached the international advanced level,and the winter use effect is good.It is suitable for bonding between various types of stone or repairing cracks and broken marks on the surface of the stone.It is often used in various types of stone laying projects and repairing,bonding positioning and caulking of various types of stone.
  Product Usage
  Marble glue has been recognized by the majority of stone users and construction industry in northern China.The marble glue in the stone industry is strong in thixotropy,smooth and delicate,without glue,the glue line is long,the weather resistance is strong,and it does not turn yellow.It has strong boiling resistance.After the marble glue is cured for 24 hours,it is immersed in water for 10 hours and then boiled in water for 5 hours to still maintain strong adhesion.
  Construction method
  1.Take out the required amount of glue from the tank,add an appropriate amount of quick-drying agent,and mix well before use.
  2.The mixing ratio is 100 parts glue:about 3 parts quick-drying agent.
  3.The surface to be bonded should be clean and dry.On the contrary,it will cause poor bonding and falling off
  1.Do not put the remaining glue after mixing back into the tank.
  2.If you want to speed up or slow down the curing speed of marble glue,please add more or reduce quick-drying agent.The dosage can be reduced in summer and increased in winter.
  3.Please store in a cool place,cover tightly after use.
  4.This glue is specially designed to quickly locate and fill the cracks in the stone.If you need strong adhesion,please use the A/B stone dry hanging glue produced by our company.
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Mainly produces polyurethane foam caulking agent, marble glue, AB stone dry hanging glue, plant glue, non-butyl rubber, cleaning agent, waterproof coating, etc

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