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Universal glue series
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Universal glue series

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  Advantages:fast drying speed,wide application range,high bonding strength.All-purpose glue can be used with glue,cement,mucus,or paste.It is two separate objects that combine them and resist their separation.Any substance applied to one surface,or both surfaces,can be used in the"stick"Mixture"to describe the type of material used when combining the properties based on the physical or chemical form of the substance,or under conditions,it is an important aid for the application of environmentally friendly adhesives for decoration,door covers,and window covers.Corner glue,wood,etc.should be applied to all-purpose adhesive products.
  Performance and characteristics
  After the glue is applied,the surface will dry faster.Once the surface is dry,it will have a strong initial adhesion.
  Has a wide range of applications and can bond a variety of materials including some metals.
  Suitable for the bonding of flexible objects,can relieve the stress concentration caused by expansion and contraction.
  Good temperature resistance,after fully dried and cured,it can be used at-40℃to 60℃.
  The dielectric strength is 4kV/mm.
  Application and Application
  This glue can be used for wood board,plywood,fireproof board,density board,flax board,bentwood board,aluminum-plastic board and other boards;it can also bond some steel,aluminum,rubber,plastic,leather,fabric and other materials.
  This glue is widely used in interior decoration,art advertising,and car interior.
  This product is not suitable for polyolefins,polytetrafluoroethylene,silicones,styrene foam and products with added anti-sticking agents(some new anti-sticking coated plates).
  For soft PVC materials,the durability is poor,there will be shedding phenomenon,it is not recommended to use,if you must use,please test each batch of products(the amount of plasticizer in PVC affects the bonding effect).
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Mainly produces polyurethane foam caulking agent, marble glue, AB stone dry hanging glue, plant glue, non-butyl rubber, cleaning agent, waterproof coating, etc

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