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Ju Huan edge banding glue
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Ju Huan edge banding glue

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  Product Features:
  This product is a water-based environmentally friendly innovative product developed for the rapid bonding of ecological boards and baseboards.The product has strong adhesive force,fast drying speed,fast positioning,no odor,and is not easy to deform after bonding.It is black,does not fall off after being fully cured,is convenient to construct,has excellent weather resistance and durability,and its performance far exceeds the soluble adhesives such as glass glue,nail-free glue,and all-purpose glue.
  Scope of application:
  It is suitable for the bonding of ecological board edge banding;the rapid installation and bonding of PVC coiled material,U-shaped plastic buckle strip,metal buckle strip,wood,PVC,wood plastic,aluminum alloy,ceramic tile,etc.;can be used for door cover line It can also be used for the installation of decorative panels,floors,plastics,metals,ceramics,gypsum boards and other decorative materials in building decoration,such as the rapid installation and bonding of wall surfaces and porous base surfaces.
  Installation method:
  1.Align the mouth of the bottle with the edge to be sealed and the adhesive surface,evenly extrude a line,or it can be spot coated(Note:no need to double-sided glue,saving time and materials)
  2.Slowly and slowly adhere the adherend with appropriate pressure.In order to achieve the bonding effect,after the bonding is completed,it can be smoothed by hand or pressed with nails.
  1.The construction must be carried out at an ambient temperature above 5 degrees Celsius.
  2.Keep the adhesive part clean and dry as much as possible.
  3.The amount of sizing is moderate to avoid affecting the drying speed.
  4.The drying time should not be too long,it must be applied before the glue surface is dried,so as not to cause poor bonding effect,and will also cause foaming and glue opening.
  5.Before mass use,it must be actually tested to verify that the product meets the proposed process and technical indicators.
  Construction tips:
  Choose clean and dry adherend,apply glue on the surface evenly and bond immediately(the effect is better for about 3 minutes),then slowly and apply appropriate pressure to apply the adhesive,after the application is completed,apply appropriate pressure Just level
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