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Neutral silicone gel structure
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Neutral silicone gel structure

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  Habitat Huan silicone weather sealant is a single component,neutral cure,high-performance designed for a variety of curtain wall weather sealing silicone sealant designed,it has the following unique advantages
  Point has excellent weather resistance,through artificial accelerated weathering tests,the physical and chemical properties of the sealant no significant change.When used with the squeeze glue gun to glue sealant from the cartridge
  Squeezed seam to be sealed,the sealant absorb moisture in the air at room temperature,a cured elastomer,to form an effective seal.Forming a durable,high performance and flexible after curing
  Silicone sealant;non-corrosive byproducts excellent resistance to high temperature resistance,UV resistance,aging temperature and ozone resistance;other neutral silicone sealants have good compatibility
  The basic purpose
  For a variety of glass curtain wall weather sealing;
  Pollution of all kinds of stone can be used:dry hanging marble,granite curtain wall weather sealing.
  For concrete,plastic and metal seam sealing;
  For metal(aluminum),ceramic wall weather sealing;bonding and sealing hermetically sealed ceramic engineering and other industrial uses.
  Silicone weather sealant can not be used in the following situations:
  Leaking grease,plasticizers or solvents materials,such as an oil-soaked wood,greasy asphalt and some uncured or partially cured rubber mat backing tape and the like;
  Unventilated spaces(silicone gel need to rely on atmospheric moisture curing);
  Frost or wet surfaces;
  Continuous immersion environment;
  Underground humid surface;
  Required on the surface of the paint,because paint will crack or peel;
  Interface ground plane,as well as vulnerable to wear or physical damage to the place;
  Will be in direct contact with the surface of the food,this silicone gel test was about US Food Inspection Agency has not yet been confirmed whether or not to meet the standards;
  Technical Information
  Silicone weather sealant from the sun,rain,snow,and extreme high and low temperature impact.Weather resistance makes it even when exposed to adverse weather conditions,a few years later,the essence remains unchanged.
  Operating performance of the interface is not due to aging and exposure to the atmosphere to produce a significant change,sealant remain waterproof and weathering characteristics.And low temperature sealant after curing-50°C of
  High temperature range of 150°C,still like to maintain flexibility,not brittle,cracking or tearing.Silicone weather sealant Single component,no mixing,most building materials and surfaces have
  Good adhesion and is compatible with most capable of stone and marble.Excellent weather resistance,aging resistance,ultraviolet radiation,ozone resistance,resistant to moisture.Under standard conditions will not sag,
  It can be used for vertical or hanging interface.
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