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Poly energy foam

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  Product description
  Juhuan Polycarbonate foam series adopts the former pre-foaming process,the performance is more stable,Juhuan foam products have good temperature adaptability,88 meters extension,dense cell structure,good elasticity,small shrinkage,no Deformation and other properties to ensure construction quality,effectively improve construction efficiency and save construction costs.The cured polyurethane foam has various effects such as caulking,bonding,sealing,heat insulation,sound absorption,etc.It is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving,easy-to-use building material that meets the green requirements of modern people and is deeply loved by consumers.
  Application range
  Suitable for the fixed bonding,filling and thermal insulation of various doors,windows and cabinets;the sealing,thermal insulation and thermal insulation of various pipelines;the sealing of the edges of the walls,roofs and enclosure panels;the fixing and bonding of indoors,Filling,insulation,etc.
  Product properties
  Specifications:Capacity 750mL;Weight:700g*15/900g*15
  Shelf life:12 months
  Product Features
  Using the European pre-foaming process:80%of the foam has been foamed after spraying,which makes the construction personnel better,simpler and more convenient to use
  Extended meter length
  Dense cell structure
  Good elasticity,small shrinkage,no deformation
  Good temperature adaptation
  Construction Program
  Construction tool:Styrofoam gun
  Construction steps:
  1.Remove floating ash and oil on the surface before construction.Spray a little water on the construction surface when the humidity is below 50℃,otherwise heartburn and large holes will occur;
  2.Shake the can evenly for 60 seconds before use,and then install the glue gun or nozzle to the can.The glue should always keep the can vertically down
  3.Slowly apply glue in the gap from bottom to top from side to side,and fill up to 70%of the gap;
  4.After the foam is cured,remove the excess foam;
  5.The foam itself is not UV-resistant,so it is recommended to use other materials to coat the surface of the cured foam,such as silicone,plaster or paint(coating after 24 hours of construction).
  Before construction and curing,please avoid gas inhalation into the human body,which has certain irritation to eyes,skin and respiratory system.When cured,no effect
  Avoid direct sunlight and store in a low-temperature,dry and ventilated environment
  Cannot spray on flames or hot surfaces
  The construction site should have a ventilated environment and should not be close to the fire source
  Wear protective equipment during operation,and are not allowed to smoke or operate other equipment with a fire source
  If the product touches the skin,please rinse with water;if the product touches the eyes,please rinse with water or follow the doctor's instructions
  Please place the product out of the reach of children
  Products must be placed upright during transportation and storage
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Mainly produces polyurethane foam caulking agent, marble glue, AB stone dry hanging glue, plant glue, non-butyl rubber, cleaning agent, waterproof coating, etc

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