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Juhuan Styrofoam Series
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Juhuan Styrofoam Series

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  Product description:
  The one-component polyurethane foam sealant material produced by our company is especially suitable for the application of thermal insulation and installation in the construction sector,suitable for bonding,fixing,installation,sound insulation,thermal insulation,heat insulation,sealing moisture,gas isolation,Fill in structural vacancies,engineering holes and various cracks and cracks.
  product features:
  1.The normal working temperature of the feed tank is+5℃~+35℃
  2.The best use temperature is+18℃~+25℃
  3.The temperature range after curing is-30℃~+80℃
  4.Foam can adhere to the surface of concrete,coating,wall,wood and plastic.But not included
  Teflon and silicone.
  5.The product is not harmful to human body after curing.
  Construction Note:
  1.Before construction,remove floating dust and oil stains on the construction surface,and spray a little water on the construction surface.2.When filling vertical gaps,it must be from bottom to top(note the expansion of the foam).
  2.The flow rate of the foam can be adjusted by controlling the trigger.
  3.The foam can be cleaned with a special cleaning agent before curing.
  4.The tack-free time on the foam surface is 10 minutes.The foam can be cut after 20 minutes,and the foam solidifies after about one hour and stabilizes within 3-5 hours.(All data are obtained under laboratory conditions).
  5.This product does not protect against ultraviolet rays,so it is recommended to coat other materials on the cured foam surface(for example:cement mortar,paint,etc.).
  Safety recommendations:
  1.This product contains traces of harmful elements,so the gas is inhaled into the human body,harmful to the human body,and will also have a certain stimulating effect on the eyes,skin and respiratory system.When the foaming agent is cured,it is not toxic.
  2.Avoid direct sunlight,put in a cool and dry place,and the temperature does not exceed+50℃.
  3.Do not burn or puncture empty cans after use.
  4.It is forbidden to approach an open flame or contact with flammable and explosive products.
  5.This product may generate flammable mixed gas during use.Therefore,the construction site should have ventilation conditions;construction personnel should wear construction gloves and goggles during construction,and do not smoke.
  6.This product has strong viscosity when it is not cured,and it is permeable to clothing fibers.Do not touch the clothing when using it.
  7.Please place the cans out of reach of children.In case the foam touches the eyes,please rinse with water or follow the doctor's advice;if it touches the skin,rinse with soap or water.
  1.Before use,shake the can up and down for one minute.
  2.Clean and moisten the construction surface before construction.
  3.Connect the material tank upside down to the spray gun,turn counterclockwise to open the flow valve,and adjust the flow.
  4.When spraying from bottom to top,the spray volume can be 1/2 of the required filling volume.
  5.After ten minutes,the foam starts to solidify,and the next step can be performed after 1 hour.
  6.The cured foam can be removed with a sharp knife.Then the surface is treated with cement mortar,paint or silica gel.
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Mainly produces polyurethane foam caulking agent, marble glue, AB stone dry hanging glue, plant glue, non-butyl rubber, cleaning agent, waterproof coating, etc

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