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  A few days ago, Xiaobian passed by a construction site. Workers were pasting external wall insulation boards. More than a dozen people gathered together. A few people joined with cement mortar. Several people applied cement mortar. The construction site was full of clutter, wire buckets, etc., and the air was flying with cement everywhere, so the smell of the choking cement could be heard from afar.
  So how can you paste the insulation board that is convenient and fast without polluting the air? This can be done with a glue for nesting insulation materials.
  Nesting insulation material adhesive is a new type of environmentally friendly polyurethane adhesive that replaces traditional cement mortar and is launched by Juhuan in response to market pain points and in response to national environmental protection policies. Compared with cement mortar, the advantages of nesting insulation material bonding glue can be divided into the following points:
  Cost savings Using cement mortar for insulation board bonding, in addition to a lot of manpower and time, also need to prepare buckets, knives, power cords, mixers, water pipes and other tools, water and electricity consumption is also essential.
  Compared with the cement mortar, which cost a lot, the nesting insulation material adhesive requires only one glue gun to complete the entire construction process.
  In addition, 4kg of cement mortar is needed for bonding 1m2 insulation board, and only 0.06kg is needed for nesting glue. For the same construction area, the cost of using nesting insulation material bonding glue is only 1/20 of cement mortar, greatly reducing The cost of renovation.
  Higher efficiency Cement mortar needs to be adjusted to an ideal state with water before use. The mortar preparation time takes several hours, and the nesting glue can be used by shaking for 30 seconds.
  Using traditional mortar construction, each insulation board takes 1 minute to install, and nesting glue only takes 15 seconds, effectively improving the overall construction progress.
  After using traditional mortar for bonding, it takes 2-4 days to cure, and the nesting glue is fully cured after 2 hours.
  The effect is better. Compared with the traditional cement mortar, the bonding strength of the nesting insulation material adhesive is increased by 30%, and the adhesion effect is better. In addition, the thermal insulation effect of the adhesive for nesting insulation materials is also stronger, which is 30-35 times that of cement mortar.
  Construction workers
  Easier construction Cement mortar construction requires a lot of manpower and material to prepare and paint, especially the summer construction is more difficult. The nesting insulation material adhesive glue only needs two steps of gluing and pasting, which is easier and faster.
  Reducing occupational diseases Construction using cement mortar, construction personnel need to be in a dusty environment for a long time, inhale a large amount of cement dust, in the past, they are prone to occupational diseases such as pneumoconiosis, which seriously affects the health of construction workers.
  The bonding glue of the nesting insulation material adopts a new type of environmentally friendly polyurethane material, which is clean and dust-free, ensuring that the construction workers are away from the occupational disease crisis.
  Nearby residents
  Cement mortar construction will cause serious air pollution and noise pollution, which will seriously affect the normal life of surrounding residents. There is no noise and pollution in the construction of the nesting insulation material adhesive glue to ensure that the surrounding residents' lives are not affected.
  Industry development
  With the further implementation of the green building policy guidelines, the state's requirements for safety, fire prevention, environmental protection and other aspects of the building materials industry are gradually strengthened. Traditional cement mortar cannot meet the society's demand for healthy and environmentally friendly decoration.
  The successful R & D and promotion of the nesting insulation material adhesive glue promotes the transformation of the construction method from extensive to environmentally friendly and economical. It is the future development direction of the insulation material adhesion construction and has played a positive role in the healthy and rapid development of the industry.

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