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Nesting fireproof foam

Nesting fireproof foam

  Product description
  Styrofoam for nesting fire protection engineering adopts the most advanced pre-foaming process,the performance is more stable,Juhuan foam products have good temperature adaptability
  Strength,88 times longer meter,dense cell structure,good elasticity,small shrinkage,no deformation,etc.,to ensure construction quality and effectively improve construction efficiency
  Rate and save construction cost.The cured polyurethane foam has various effects such as caulking,bonding,sealing,heat insulation,sound absorption,etc.It is an environmental protection
  Energy-saving and easy-to-use building materials meet the green requirements of modern people and are popular among consumers.
  Application range
  Suitable for fixed bonding,filling and heat preservation of various doors,windows and cabinets;sealing,heat insulation and heat preservation of various pipelines;wall,roof and enclosure panels
  Edge sealing;fixing,bonding,filling,insulation, the room.
  typical application:
  Installation of doors and windows:Sealing and fixed bonding between the doors and windows and the wall.
  Advertisement model:production of model and sand table,repair of exhibition board.
  Sound insulation and muffler:filling gaps in the decoration of speech room,broadcasting room,etc.,can play a role of sound insulation and muffler
  Gardening and landscaping:flower arrangement,gardening and landscaping,light and beautiful.
  Daily maintenance:repairing voids,gaps,wall tiles,floor tiles and floors.
  Waterproof plugging:repairing leaks in tap water pipes and sewers,plugging.
  Package and transportation:It is convenient to wrap valuable and fragile goods,save time and speed,and resist shock and pressure.
  Construction method:
  1.Before use,shake the can up and down for one minute.
  2.Clean and moisten the construction surface before construction.
  3.Connect the material tank upside down to the spray gun,turn counterclockwise to open the flow valve,and adjust the flow.
  4.When spraying from bottom to top,the spray volume can be 1/2 of the required filling volume.
  Five minutes after the foam starts to cure,the next step can be performed after 1 hour.
  6.The cured foam can be removed with a sharp knife.Then the surface is treated with cement mortar,paint or silica gel.
  Before construction and curing,please avoid gas inhalation into the human body,which has certain irritation to eyes,skin and respiratory system.When cured,no effect
  Avoid direct sunlight and store in a low-temperature,dry and ventilated environment
  Cannot spray on flames or hot surfaces
  The construction site should have a ventilated environment and should not be close to the fire source
  Wear protective equipment during operation,and are not allowed to smoke or operate other equipment with a fire source
  If the product touches the skin,please rinse with water;if the product touches the eyes,please rinse with water or follow the doctor's instructions
  Please place the product out of the reach of children
  Products must be placed upright during transportation and storage

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