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For doors and windows, use nesting fireproof foam for fire prevention

Patented products jointly developed with Beijing University of Chemical Technology;

The detection by the authoritative test center reaches B1 flame retardancy, and its oxygen index reaches more than 30%;

Tested by SGS to meet the flame retardant requirements of EU EN 45545-2: 2013 + A1: 2015 (R1)


Full adhesive solution for construction industry

Juhuan Technology Co., Ltd. is a new material technology Co., Ltd. integrating technology research and development, manufacturing, and domestic and foreign trade. The company's products include polyurethane foam caulking agent, silicone sealant, decorative glue and related construction accessories. Now it has styrofoam production line, printing iron line, can making line, silicone sealant production line, construction glue production line, as well as supporting carton production and plastic parts production. The industrial chain is complete.


Products Recommended

Juhuan Styrofoam adopts advanced technology and is a single-component, moisture-curing, multi-purpose polyurethane foam filled elastic sealing material.

Juhuan silicone sealant is our company's introduction of advanced equipment, using high-quality raw materials, launched a series of high-end sealant products for various uses of the silicone adhesive market.

Juhuan series marble glue, planting glue and dry hanging glue are specially developed for dry hanging stone of construction engineering. Stable quality and high cost performance.

Juhuan series of environmentally friendly decorative adhesives are involved in home decoration, such as nail-free adhesives, all-purpose adhesives, water-based adhesives, and edge banding treasures.


Supporting industry chain

To build aerated blocks and stick external wall insulation boards, use nesting polyurethane adhesive

Compared with traditional cement mortar

Stronger bonding, more energy-saving insulation, dust-free and more environmentally friendly

Construction is not restricted by seasons, construction is simple and time is saved

Reduce building weight / Toughness bonding is more seismic and the overall cost is lower



【Juhuan Classroom】 How to choose waterproof coating?

【Juhuan Classroom】 How to choose waterproof coating?

Recently,a customer inquired,"The house has a long time in the house.Before the balcony was not waterproofed,watering and drying clothes often reflect water leakage downstairs.Now I want to buy some waterproof paint and simply brush it.How do I buy waterproof paint?"
Why does styrofoam keep rising prices?

Why does styrofoam keep rising prices?

Recently,due to the influence of raw materials,the price of styrofoam has risen again and again,many people will not understand,why should such a continuous price increase,the price becomes higher,can it be sold?
You are a past environmental inspection, can you hold the next 5 storms?

You are a past environmental inspection, can you hold the next 5 storms?

Many people recently asked why the editor has raised prices again,and why not take orders.When will these difficult days pass?What is the season of good harvests?The editor said that he was helpless.I would like to ask which company does not want to make a fortune from customers?
Change the tradition-a new material that can replace cement mortar

Change the tradition-a new material that can replace cement mortar

Recently, customers often come to consult: the construction site dust is flying all over the place, causing the residents nearby to suffer miserably and being complained.


Mainly produces polyurethane foam caulking agent, marble glue, AB stone dry hanging glue, plant glue, non-butyl rubber, cleaning agent, waterproof coating, etc

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